Many people who don’t normally visit museums have a tendency to dismiss them as boring and often wonder what the appeal is. People visit museums for a variety of reasons, some personal, some societal, and we thought it would be interesting to examine these reasons in an effort to dispel the notions of the naysayers and perhaps challenge them to change their minds and broaden their horizons. As a result, we’ve come up with our top ten reasons to visit museums, which will hopefully shed some light on the topic and garner some new believers to the museum-loving fold.

Museums offer a perfect opportunity to meet new people that share your love of art & culture. By taking in new exhibits or attending lectures with guest speakers, you’re immersing yourself in an atmosphere that will attract others who share similar interests. Some museums also host cocktail parties and food & wine events to allow you to expand your social circles with new acquaintances and potential long-term friendships. Museums can be the ideal meeting place!


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