In order to start the journey to explore the city at night, we decided to fill up the boiling stomach after 4 hours of dinner with a bowl of porridge chopped. Eating porridge easy to digest, not afraid of fat, but enjoying the delicious taste in the night market, why not go.

Only with high and low chairs, covering the small yard at the house number 14 opposite the gate of the market, porridge ribs night shop is crowded with people in and out even without a “good” table.

Unlike other normal rice porridge, the ribs here are missed because of the smooth, white porridge mixed with rib meat very sweet and a bit more charming. Add a few more pieces and a little pepper, porridge guaranteed to be enough dollars to defeat you right from the first “meet”. The porridge shop also serves the whole country from iced tea to lemon tea for you to enjoy sitting and chatting with friends after a long day of all kinds of things.

After being full, we got on the bus and drove around the deserted streets of the city and stopped on the bridge just because we loved the cool breeze in the middle of the summer.


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